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bhsplayers's Journal

BHS Players or The Coolest People EVER
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This BHS Players Community was created by Zoe (now a BHS PLayers alum) in an attempt to connect the diverse and talented BHS Players community. There are a few rules, nothing you wouldn't expect, to keep the community a happy, constructive, and fun place:
1) You have to be a current or past member of BHS Players. Actor, pit orchestra, stage crew... whatever.
2) Let's be nice. Nothing snarky. Nothing nasty. No badmouthing anybody involved in the BHS Players. That will result in much brow beating and a suspension from the community.
3) The entries made in this community don't have to be 100% theatre oriented, but it would be nice. Try to keep the random stuff in your personal journals. Not to say that we don't all need a little bit of random stuff once in awhile.
4) Save the drama for the stage. Cat fights and whining about people you don't like will result in a slap on the wrist and a ticket out of the community.
5) Most importantly? Have fun.