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BHS Players or The Coolest People EVER

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11/20/05 11:41 am - hopeful524 - Set Strike

Is there anyone who could give a ride home from set strike tomorrow? i really want to participate.

11/15/05 07:35 pm - fae_nymph

So. I was thinkin'.

Perhaps there are BHS Players alumni out there in LJ-land who don't know about The BHS Players Community.

It might help any said theoretical-lost-alumni if the lovely moderator would add bhsplayers under "Brunswick High School" in the new fangled Schools Directory.


11/15/05 02:23 pm - lapin_blanche32 - Miracle Worker

Well Kids, its that time again, time for another amazing Fall show for BHS Players!!

The last few days I thought of all my old shows at good old crooker theater, and I started crying. I went through every show in my mind, it was so touching. I remembered my first ever BHS Players show, Little Shop of Horrors. I had to so much fun, I was a gangster and I was Bernstein. I even watched the old video with Marybeth Kirby the other night. I remembered when i was supposed to go onstage and I got butterflies. to this day, even when I watch my old performances, I get those old butterflies I had backstage. then my mind wandered to You Cant Take it With You. Incredible, I was drunk and Caleb was bald, and Megan was one hell of a southern woman. She held her own with Donald (Keegan). So many good memories. Then the big one, the one that changed BHS forever...West Side Story. I remember opening night, listening to the crowd applaud at the opening sequence of the prchestra...then the jets and the sharks had their first fight sequence. I went to America, but wanted to return to San Juan. Its was so much better, with its tropical breezes with pineapples growing, and coffee blossoms blowing. But then, Anita came in and we did a total dance off...Im ready for a rematch whenever you are megan...lol. We had to say goodbye to Duncan and Jacob, but they made their own mark with White Lies and Pizza Crust. They wont be forgotten. Then Midsummer, with the introduction of new talented members of BHS...we were introduced to Mandy Duval, a mere freshman who blew us all away with her outstanding audition. She held her own among the other talents of BHS. Then there was the whole joel-mandy thing...who could forget? From Shakespeare we went to A Garden, The Secret Garden. Amanda Choate made BHS come alive as little Mary. And who could forget the parodies? "She has, my Lily's Thunder Thighs..." "When a think is dick, it has a life about it..." too much fun. This was a big good-by to some amazing BHS Players..we had to bid farewell to Julie Lachance and Sean Leddy. and of course, who could forget Keegan Fotter? I miss them all so much. With new additions to the Players, we went back tot he amazing writings of Moss and Kaufman's The Man Who Came to Dinner. Here came the one and only, Anthony Reed, who brought a freash new look to theater. He was energetic and ready to be on-stage. Alex Toy was also brought into the mix with this show. I will never forget her face when Banjo picked her up...truly priceless. Caleb was a grouchy radio critic, Gavin a newspaper man, Megan, the secretary who falls for the local newspaperman, and of course..me...the bitch. Its a dirty job, but someones got to do it. I loved every moment. I was honored to have my last chorus in Drood. I made Erol cry, one of my highest honors, and i did sone choreography along the way...sorry about the bitchy times. I went home recently and watched my confession and I cried. I heard durdles say, "Lord Love me..." and I knew it was coming, "it was, " my heart started to pound, "THE PRINCESS PUFFER" This was it. This was my last night as a BHS Player, I had to say goodbye as best I could. As I said it was my last chorus, the entire audience started to sing, "Thems the Wages of Sin."

To the Cast and Crew of The Miracle Worker: Congratulations for making it this far. Im sure it will be outstanding. If I cant make it, Im sorry. I love each and every one of you. I only ask one thing from you all, at the end of this show, go to your amazing director, Mrs. Leddy, and give her a hug, and say "thank you." Im posititve it will be appreciated. With that said, Break a leg.

With love and best wishes,
Missy Patterson
(Bernstein, Gay Wellington, Rosalia, Peter Quince, Alice, Lorraine Sheldon, and the Princess Puffer)

11/12/05 02:26 pm - tresouiuberjah

So you've all probably already read Megan's NETC entry. I thought I'd put mine in too. :)

So yeah...
Santina's incredibly intricate and intelligent set design placed bronze (with much help from Melissa, Anthony, and Bonnie).
Bonnie's costume design also placed bronze (again with help from Melissa). Go Bonbon.
Anthony's Gold in Chilling Out. Word.

But the one I'm proudest of is the Bard-A-Thon (the Shakespeare Competition). We were given a very minimal scene that we treated with integrity. Although the scene was the shortest one presented (and NOT in Russian), we managed to impress the judges (who were NOT some weird college kids) enough to win the gold. The BHS Players team of Mandy Duval, Megan Leddy, Santina Polky, and Zoe Eddy placed 1st in the New England Theatre Conference Bard-A-Thon. Go us.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So, in conclusion... 2005-2006 BHS Players... word. Seriously.


11/11/05 09:30 pm - wickedestwitch

Congrats to all my BHS Players for another amazing year at NETCS!!

Congrats to Zoe, Mandy, Santina & Me for 1st Place Bard-a-thon!!!!

Congrats to Bonnie & Melissa for 3rd Place Costume design!!

Congrats to me for 2nd Place Vocal!

Congrats to Santina for 3rd place Set Design!!!

...we cleaned up! love you all!


11/9/05 10:00 pm - wickedestwitch - The Miracle Worker

Come See...

"The Miracle Worker"


Megan Leddy, Santina Polky, Miranda Duval, Erol Ileri, Jacob Hughes and Zoe Eddy.

When? Nov. 16,17,18 & 19 at 7:00 and a 2:00 matinee on Nov. 19th!

Where? Crooker Theater of Brunswick High School 116 Maquoit Rd.

Cost? $6 for students and $8 for adults.

Be there or be...dead! :)

10/28/05 04:38 am - delusionsofmind - BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!

GO SEE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!!!! -- The version Joel and I are in :-p

When?: November 4, 5, 11, 12 @ 7:30 pm

November 6, 12, 13 @ 2:00 pm

Where?: Wiscasset High School

How Much?: $10 students/ $15 Adults - General Admission - Doors open 1/2 hour before curtain

For reservations, call 207-563-1373 or email heartwoodrtc@gwi.net

10/8/05 10:26 pm - lapin_blanche32 - home for columbus day

im home for the weekend...woot. I visited the Crowleys today, i love those guys, they're so kick ass!

so tonight, i dont know why, but i felt compelled to look through my old entries and i happened upon the one where i said my goodbyes to BHS Players. I cried tonight when i thought of all the people that i dont get the honor to work with anymore; anthony, caleb, gavin, megan, mandy, zoe...i said i would miss you while i was in college and i was right, i miss you all more then i can say. I miss Crooker Theater, i miss Mrs. Leddy, i even miss (god forbid) the smell of the cave...its like home, not the smell, the whole theater experience. I am doing a show in Farmington, and guess what it is?...The Man Who Came to Dinner!!! but guess who im playing...not lorraine sheldon...wtf? Im still excited to be a part of a new theater company too, Sandy River Players. The director is really cool, and the cast is pretty awesome. but lets get one thing clear...no one can beat friggin joel crowley's "Beverly"...that was unbelievable!!! Ill be playing Joanna head of staff...as opposed to the script's John, or BHS Player's Janine (Sophie), and its not a great part, but im still really excited to be a part of a show again.
one thing that really meant a lot to me, was at the read-through, the woman playing Miss Preen, Tatiana, sat right next to me and said, "I just wanted to tell you that you kicked major ass at that audition. i think you should have cast as lorraine, it would have beent he decision i made..." I couldnt believe it, i really appreciated her saying that. It was someone who had never spoken to me before. I felt really honored. My director, dan ryder, even sent me an email that said what a great job i did at auditions. it just really meant a lot.

Joel told me that his show for Beauty and the Beast is in ealry-mid november, and i really want to go...so "Miracle Worker"s, im going to need a schedule, because you know im going to see you!!!! I cant wait to see you all!!! so give me dates asap, ok? and if any of you want to come and chill with me and mark and jonathan (he was a dark fairy in Midsummer...), youre more then welcome to crash in my dorm! :)

Holla at me theater kids!
Missy :)

10/5/05 12:50 pm - wickedestwitch - Play Pictures!!

Hey guys! I'm trying to put together a portfolio of some shows that I've done for college applications and I was wondering if anybody has pictures (preferably ones with me in them) from any shows that we've done. If you do and could copy, email or loan them to me I'd REALLY appreciate it!!

Thanks :)


9/12/05 11:20 am - lapin_blanche32 - cast of the miracle worker

I saw the castlist that caleb posted and i wanted to congratulate all of you! I unfortunately will not be participating in the fall show here at UMF, but marybeth and i are planning to see the Players in November!
again, congrats to all!
please keep in touch with times, dates, etc on the show...
love always,
~Missy :)
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