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Hey guys. I don't know if anyone is going to hate this idea or not...but in my Topics class we just finished reading the Oedipus trilogy. I got this idea in my head that it would be cool if someone put all three of them on...and they would run one show per weekend. It'd be kind of a nice fundraiser kind of thing for the Players if done properly.

Go see Godspell at the Portland Players :) It's supposed to be really good...and after that they're putting up You Can't Take It With You.

Also, keep your ears posted musical-theatre-ites...there are going to be auditions soon at the Portland Players for GYPSY.

And a shameless plug for USM -- the musical theatre majors are performing BY RODGERS! this weekend at Corthell Hall on the Gorham Campus. It's an original musical revue concieved by our very own Ed Reichert and it contains songs that were written by three generations of Rodgers'! (Richard Rodgers, daughter Mary Rodgers [Once Upon a Mattress, The Mad Show], and grandson Adam Guettel [who is currently celebrating the success of his Tony-Award winning musical The Light In The Piazza]) January 28th @ 8 pm and January 29th @ 2 pm. If you're interested call 780-5555 for ticket prices/information.
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